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“With Hard Work and Determination” — words often used to describe our German ancestors on the incredible journey of their lives. They ultimately settled in Northwest, Ohio. Growing up there ourselves, we adhered to these same values living on our family farms. 

We have always been drawn to the beautiful rolling hills and trees of Southeastern Ohio and were blessed to find an almost 1,000 acre cattle ranch to make our home. Our ranch strives to serve the community in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way—offering grass fed and all natural beef for sale to the general public and businesses.

Now, we are excited to share the beauty and wonderment of this region with others by inviting you to stay at The Lodge at Double Play Ranch. We named it Double Play Ranch because of our great enthusiasm for baseball. Our son has also given a lot of hard work and determination to become a major league baseball pitcher. He, like many pitchers before him, considers the “double play” a pitcher’s best friend.

We look forward to sharing our passion for the outdoors by inviting you to stay at The Lodge at Double Play Ranch.

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